Guided by Voices

For the second post in my non-alphabetical series, I bring you the wonders of Guided by Voices.  Their cover art is really individual, and I think it really adds interest and value to a CD if it looks like the artists have taken care over the artwork.  It makes you really think these are real gems.  They are really something.


I don’t know who made these collages, I should have found out for you, but nobody is perfect.  Maybe it’s the band themselves – Mika does his own artwork (possibly with help from his sister (?)) I should really research these things for you, but I don’t claim to be an encyclopaedia, you should really view this as a conversation with someone at a bus stop.


I do not have a favourite here, I think they are all very special and interesting for different reasons!  I hope you do too!

7 Jacket (Glue Pocket - No Spine) [OB-GD17-001]

If you do have a favourite, you can let me know in the comments.  Or maybe you will want to keep it to yourself.  Or you will tell someone at a real bus stop.  I don’t know.


I like the cardboard boxes in that one, and the rectangle of sky.  I am not partial to the grey illustrations of (is it an ear or an organ?) either way, it’s not my favourite part of that cover, but I really like the boxes and the sky!


I like the dirty lined paper in this one below, I think that’s really interesting.  And what is also interesting is that I don’t really understand the rest of what’s going on in this picture, which is mildly unnerving, but the fact that I like the lined paper wins over the uncertainty about the rest of it, and so over all, I really like it!  The mind is a mysterious thing.


I really like this one too – I like the font, I like the bicycle, I like the earthy colours.


I can’t tell if this is collage or not (below) but it is still an interesting picture, so it still has an appeal and a specialness which I crave and am drawn to.


And here is the last one for this post, it’s probably the only one I’m not a hundred percent keen on, as it has a sinister feeling about it, but at the same time, it still has the originality which suggests that it has value and that the musicians cared a lot about it.  I think.  Maybe I’m just crazy.  Eh?




3 thoughts on “Guided by Voices

  1. I realise it now! What the heck was I even thinking? It’s just crazy. And to think that I was all this time (a week) thinking that it would – I don’t know – I don’t know what I’m talking about. But it’s really all about what you want out of life, isn’t it? Do I want this, or do I want that? Will that make you happy? Probably not. Will the other? Well… 😉

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